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Shredded RhinoMulch 3"

RhinoMulch 3" shredded rubber mulch looks so much like traditional wood mulch, you'll actually have to feel it to believe that it's shredded rubber mulch. The wood mulch look and the fact that it lasts for years are the two greatest advantages of Shredded RhinoMulch landscape rubber mulch.

Shredded rubber mulch in not only eco-friendly and a recycled product but it gives you a very earthy, natural, outdoorsy look that will last you for years.

Other advantages of our Shredded RhinoMulch landscape rubber mulch are:

  • Helps to prevent weed growth. 
  • Can help minimize dust and mud along walkways or in play areas. 
  • Does not attract dogs, cats, insects, or other animals. 
  • 99% free of metal contaminants. 
  • Non-biodegradable so the mulch lasts for years longer than traditional wood mulch. 


Our coloring process combines UV protection, uniquely formulated binders and specialized pigments to help keep the colors lasting for years. All colors used are non-toxic, water-soluble, and come from an iron-oxide pigment with a 10 year limited color warranty.

Your KinderMulch Rubber Mulch from Recycled Rubber Products typically delivers within a 5 to 10 days from the time your order is ready, depending on the time of year. We strive to deliver the KinderMulch quickly so you can start enjoying your new landscape, playground or horse arena. Standard shipping times depend on the carrier usedTo properly install KinderMulch rubber mulch, border the play area using rubber timbers.

When installed correctly, Recycled Rubber Product's rubber mulch will last for years.

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