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You can never be too careful when it comes to your child's safety. Our rubber playground mulch offers a safe ground cover for playgrounds. Our playground rubber mulches meet ASTM standards for critical fall heights and have been ADA approved for wheelchair accessibility.


Rubber Mulch Safety

Our recycled rubber mulch is made from 100% chopped, and fiber-reinforced rubber tires. All of our rubber mulch products are intended for use on a playground and meet ASTM critical fall standards. We have gone to great lengths to test our products and are pleased to report that our KinderMulch 3/4" mulch and Premium Shredded 3" mulch are ADA approved for wheelchair accessibility.

Below are the tests that were performed in order to approve our playground rubber mulch for wheelchair accessibility. Also included are graphics exhibiting the ASTM critical fall heights and test reports. We also suggest that you consult the Consumer Products Commission safety guidelines for more information. According to the Consumer Products Commission, twelve inches of wood chips, mulch, sand, or pea gravel is needed under playground equipment to prevent serious playground injuries. Alternatively, only six inches of safety-tested playground rubber mulch is needed on the same playground.

Click Here for 38949A_ASTM_F1951_ADA_Wheelchair (PDF - opens in new window)

Click Here for 38951_ASTM_F1951_ADA_Wheelchair (PDF - opens in new window)

Click Here for 38949B_GMAX_INTERNET_COPY_F1292-04 (PDF - opens in new window)